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  1. 2011.01.14 What’s Powering Samsung’s Social Media?

이제는 일반적인 상식이 되어버린 소셜 미디어의 활용에 있어
"모든 기업에게 소셜 미디어는 고객들과의 소통과 정보 공유, 그리고 소비자의 생각을 'Listening' 하는 중요한 역할체"의 정의는 
"소셜 미디어의 활용도와 소통의 정도를 측정하여 새로운 Insight 그리고 보다 나은 소통을 위한 업그레이드를 얻는 것"의 단계를 마주할때면 때로 큰 장벽에 부딪히는 느낌을 주곤 합니다.

닐슨 온라인은 이러한 고객사의 니즈를 위해 세계 글로벌 기업들의 앞선 행보들과 성공적인 사례들을 기반으로 소셜 미디어를 측정하고 분석해 드리기 위해 노력하고 있습니다.

몇일전, NMInsite Blog에서 삼성 미국 홈페이지 및 소셜 미디어에 대한 미국 지사 Social Media Manager 와의 대담을 일부 정리한 글이 업데이트 되었습니다. 삼성전자가 미국 사이트가 소셜 미디어를 접목해서 이룬 성과에 대해 짧지만 강한 Impact를 받을 수 있도록 잘 정리된 정보입니다.

(하단 이미지를 클릭하시면 큰 이미지로 관련된 정보를 확인하실 수 있습니다)

(출처: http://www.nmincite.com)

“Why is social media a big deal to Samsung?”

Social media is a huge deal in general. It is transforming the way people communicate and allowing consumers and employees to be more empowered than ever before. Social media allows Samsung to engage in conversations, share content, and learn about what people really think and want.

“What’s working so far? What’s not?”

Integrating social elements into our new website has been fantastic because the levels of engagement have gone up across the board. From consumer reviews and Q&As to Facebook plugins and “Like” buttons, we’re making our site much more customer-centric and people are responding positively.

Having a real-time mindset has also worked very well because in the consumer electronics industry everything is moving quickly so we need to make sure that we are constantly creating and sharing content that our fans / followers / viewers will find timely, useful and relevant, while also providing them with answers and help on a consistent basis.

Note: Click on the infographic to the right to see results 75 days after the re-design of Samsung.com/us.

“What’s on your social media road map?”

We will continue to add social elements to our website and we are going to start leveraging the power of social media to drive awareness about causes we support. An example is www.TackleCF.com, a campaign in which we partnered with Sears to donate $5 to the fight against Cystic Fibrosis for every “social action” that people do on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. The goal is to create awareness and donate as much as $150,000 for a very worthy cause.

We will also continue to create and curate content, and engage customers on our various Facebook pages, including Samsung USA Facebook Page, and our various Twitter accounts, including @SamsungTweets, @SamsungService and @SamsungEsteban.

“How do you sell, evangelize, and qualify social media internally?”

We started with a strategy and a foundation that will allow us to move quickly and scale as needed. The organization understands the value of having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and everyone is quite aware of how we can use the social web for marketing and customer service, among other things. We are now actively working with our teams to ensure social becomes baked into everything we do so we can satisfy our customers regardless of where they are online.

“What’s your #1 recommendation for clients entering the Social Media space?”

Companies need to commit to being customer-centric because people realize when you are not. Social media comes down to people sharing thoughts and content so you need to focus on the people in the social universe instead of the tools, technologies and buzzwords that will continue to change and evolve. Social media is not a campaign so you need to look at it for the long haul and I think for the most part most companies are starting to see it this way. There’s an ever-growing, ever-demanding audience, and it’s our job to care about each and every customer.

The NM Incite Blog was established on the belief that conversations with and among our clients are the heart and soul of great learning and insight. Following yesterday’s podcast with Toyota’s Denise Morrissey, today we’re sharing a recent discussion with our client, Esteban Contreras (@samsungesteban), Social Media Manager, Samsung Electronics America:

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