Anderson Analytics에서 마케터들을 대상으로 2009년을 대하는 마케터들의 생각을 조사하였습니다. 

기사를 보며 든 생각을 주저리 말씀드리면,

2009년에는 아무래도 가장 기본적인 마케팅 원칙에 충실한 한 해가 될 것 같습니다. Insight와 Innovation 그리고 고객 중시는 마케팅의 기본이겠죠. 또 지구 온난화나 환경 마케팅의 중요성이 떨어진 점도 불황의 여파와 관련이 있겠지요.

조사 대상의 과반수가 마케팅 비용이 줄어들 것 같다고 대답했지만, 때문에 비용대비 효율성 향상에 대한 노력이 다방면으로 이루어 질 것 같습니다. 72%는 혁신 관련 마케팅 예산을 유지 혹은 증가시킬 것이라고 했고 또 39%는 시장 조사의 활용도를 높일 것이라고 답했습니다.

이 조사에서 젤로 재미있는 것은 마케터들이 웹 2.0이라는 개념에 지겨워 하고 있다는 조사결과인데요. ^^ 실질적으로 웹2.0에 대해 잘 모르고 있는 상황에서 당연한 트렌드로 언급이 된다면...좀 짜증나겠죠. 

조사는 집을 설계하기 위해 측량을 하는 과정과 같습니다. 측량과정에서 우리는 집을 둘러싼 환경을 제대로 이해하고 insight를 얻게 되지요. 계획을 위한 형식적인 조사를 떠나 유용하게 쓰일 수 있는 조사가 많이 나와 불황기를 벗어날 수 있는 기반이 되었으면 하네요.  


Top Marketing Trends for 2009: Execs ‘Sick’ of Web 2.0

Marketing executives are going back to basics this year, putting renewed focus on satisfying and retaining customers and investing in research and insights, but they are “sick” of hearing about Web 2.0, according to a survey from Anderson Analytics conducted for the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG).

The second annual Top Marketing Trends survey of MENG members examined for 2009 the top marketing concepts, buzz words, global areas of opportunity and targeted customer demographics, as well as the books and thought leaders that marketers look to for inspiration and growth opportunity.

The economy played a significant role in this year’s survey as more marketers expressed concern on how a recession would impact priorities moving forward. Half of executives believe their marketing budgets will decrease in 2009, but 56% indicated their staffing plans will either stay the same or increase.

The Top Five Trends:

#1. Insight and Innovation Key: Insight and innovation are viewed as keys to combat down economic and business cycles. Some 72% of respondents indicated that innovation efforts would stay the same or increase, while 39% say their use of market research will increase in the next year. This is significant given that most marketing experts agree it’s imperative to innovate and mine insights during a recession, Anderson Analytics said.

#2. Customers at Top of List: Basic customer satisfaction and customer retention remained the top two concepts of interest to marketers, followed by marketing ROI, brand loyalty and segmentation. Together, these represent a move back to the core principles of marketing, Anderson Analytics said.

Of the 62 identified marketing concepts, faith-based marketing, six sigma, game theory, anti-Americanism and immigration were viewed as the least important.

#3. Green Marketing and Global Warming Lose Importance: The issue of global warming showed the largest decrease in importance (dropping 14 places in the rankings), while green marketing showed a statistically significant 5% drop.

#4. Marketers “Sick” of Web 2.0: Twice as many marketers are “sick” of hearing about Web 2.0 and related buzzwords such as “blogs” and “social networking” compared with last year’s survey.

However, marketers still admit they don’t know enough about it. This was evident in results from a November 2008 MENG social media study showing 67% of executive marketers consider themselves beginners when it comes to using social media for marketing purposes.

#5.  Most Opportunity in China and among Boomers: China ranks as the #1 greatest area of opportunity (53%) for marketers with international responsibility, while India is a distant second with votes from 17% of respondents.

In terms of the best opportunity for customer targeting, marketing execs also still feel that Boomers hold the most promise. However, the perceived importance of Generation X and Generation Y grew significantly compared with 2008 survey results.

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